psych challenge: [1/3] colors: blue

psych challenge: [4/4] relationships: shawn/juliet
↳ “well, i think that everybody who’s looking for a soulmate may at one time feel that there are outside forces conspiring against them.”

psych challenge: [3/4] relationships: carlton + lily
↳ “look how beautiful she is!”

psych challenge: [2/4] relationships: gus/rachael
↳ “she’s like an indian princess who bakes pies, and i have a date with her.”

psych challenge: [1/4] relationships: shawn + karen
↳ “chief, i don’t tell you this often enough, but you have exquisite teeth.”

psych challenge: [5/5] characters: chief of police carlton lassiter
“i was head detective for a reason.”

psych challenge: [4/5] characters: rachael
“i know i worry about him so much, and i know it’s good for him to let loose a little. but you knew that, didn’t you?”

psych challenge: [3/5] characters: head detective juliet o’hara
“she hates me, and people don’t hate me. i get christmas cards from people i arrest!”

psych challenge: [2/5] characters: dr. madeleine spencer
“you’ve heard of a photographic memory? well, i have a bit of - i guess you’d call it an eidetic tonal memory.”

psych challenge: [1/5] characters: chief of police karen vick
“i can sit here all night, betty. i have a six-month-old at home who still has colic. i consider this a reprieve.”